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Prime’s expanding portfolio of products and services helps our members maximize value and savings in supply chain management and performance improvement. Through committed and voluntary compliance programs we deliver value to our members every day.

Materials Management Program

Our Materials Management Program brings service, solutions and support to members. The program offers access to superior pricing, lowers administrative costs, and delivers better quality products. We help members by lowering costs for products while helping assure that they maintain the highest-quality patient care.

We provide superior service. We spend the time to meet with and work closely with our members to identify ways to achieve their management objectives. We can help members work smarter by tapping the expertise of our experienced regional and national affiliates staff. We also access vendor resources when appropriate to meet your needs.

A huge repository of information is accessible through on-line e-catalog systems from Vizient.

The portfolio of contracts is among the most extensive in the marketplace. Members may choose from hundreds of individual agreements for medical surgical, laboratory, and radiology supplies, equipment, facilities, services and more from preferred vendors. Access to pricing contracts are available to all Prime members. Distribution agreements, wound care, orthopedics, medical gases, instruments, gloves, x-ray film, cardiac cath lab products, and blood collection systems are among the many items in our portfolio. Many agreements offer incentive pricing tiers for added savings and rebates.

Our members trust in us to bring tremendous cost containment programs, value and service.

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IDN (Integrated Delivery Networks) Solutions

Coordination of information across facilities comprising an Integrated Delivery Network continues to be a daunting challenge for new as well as long standing systems. Savings on supplies and services can best be attained by collecting, organizing, and effectively using information.

Prime's affiliation with Vizient enables us to support our member IDNs in their efforts to better manage supply costs. We can help IDNs turn data into information that can be used to make good decisions.

This systems approach requires communication, trust and cooperation between the member, Prime and Vizient. We can offer comprehensive solutions, services, and support through the use of our experienced staff, information management tools and processes.

In addition to getting low pricing on a contract, we help members get low pricing on the invoice. We can help our member IDNs improve coordination across system facilities, provide models for service line integration and standardization, and consolidate data management on an ongoing basis.

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Pharmacy Program

Since buying power brings the best prices, Prime combines our members' buying power with that of our national affiliate, Vizient, in bidding and negotiating for pharmaceuticals. Billions of dollars pass through this portfolio. Excellent contract prices are put in place. Then, day to day, we monitor the market and respond to new savings opportunities. Distribution is through regional agreements designed specifically for Prime members. Value added clinical, educational, and informational services are available. Contract related news, cost savings tips, data, and pricing updates are conveyed to the members by WEB links, e-mail, fax and mail. Pricing, service, and communications combine to bring value to all participating facilities.

Medical/Surgical/Laboratory/Radiology Program

Commodities represent a significant proportion of our members’ budgets. Prime offers opportunities for savings without compromising quality. Members may choose from over 250 individual agreements for medical surgical, laboratory, and radiology supplies and services from recognized vendors. Distribution agreements, wound care, orthopedics, medical gases, instruments, gloves, x-ray film, cardiac cath lab products, and blood collection systems are among the many items listed in our portfolio. Many agreements offer incentive pricing tiers for added savings.

Laboratory Program

The Laboratory Program offers a broad-based contract portfolio covering the entire range of laboratory testing. The program offers favorable pricing, reduces administrative costs, delivers better product consistency, and creates tighter inventory control for members. Laboratory services are critical in care path development and overall patient outcomes, and in the regulatory environment. The program is part of Prime's national affiliation with Vizient.

Benefits of working with the Laboratory Program include:

Laboratory Standardization - a program designed to create substantial cost savings by removing unnecessary cost in lab procedures through standardization and supply utilization.

Capture Template - provides an overview of contracted vendors and products organized by testing disciplines and areas of product need.

Tiered pricing agreements based on product utilization, along with committed prime vendor agreements that support individual facilities' specific needs.

Reference Laboratory Testing services with Quest Diagnostics provides a unique pricing structure that, in return for commitment allows maximum flexibility and assures competitive pricing.

More than 200,000 items are included in the Laboratory Program portfolio. Vizient contract catalog enables rapid, easy access to laboratory program information.

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Capital and Construction Program  (click to learn more)

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, the need to contain costs requires wise decisions about capital equipment. Whether buying, leasing, or under capitated arrangements, Prime members have access to innovative solutions designed in collaboration with major suppliers. From patient rooms and nursing units to laboratory, radiology, facilities and diagnostic equipment, our agreements offer true value. Prime partners with Vizient for capital equipment. Members share in our buying power and realize substantial savings.

Food & Nutrition Program

Prime offers the members a national prime vendor program. Available through our affiliation with Vizient, the program provides very competitive pricing with multiple opportunities for savings with many food vendors. A foundation of the program is the prime vendor relationship with Sysco Corporation. Prime does all the work of monitoring and collecting rebates from manufacturers and deliver them to our members. Dietary needs that are specific to the Mid-Atlantic area are met through Prime's regional agreements. Prime's ready-made food program offers a winning combination of national and regional agreements that free our members to concentrate less on contracting and more on taking care of their customers.

Services provided to program participants include the following:

  • Favorable pricing
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Manufacturer rebate programs and administration
  • Access to benchmarking data
  • Inventory and invoice management tools
  • Nutritional, non-food, and chemical programs
  • Kitchen planning and design
  • Kitchen equipment and supplies discounts
  • Branded food concepts
  • Computer software for food production, point of sale, diet office management, and nutritional services
  • The FACTS (Foodservice Accounting and Cost Trend Statistics Service), a comparative benchmark for 27 measures of cost and productivity.
  • Monthly newsletters, updates on issues, regulations, product promotions, and couponing programs
  • Support from a registered dietitian with clinical and administrative experience
  • Food & Nutrition Advisory Committee gives member input on current contracts and clinical insight regarding future needs of the membership.

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Facilities Management

Efficient facilities management is essential to the smooth operation of a business. Prime's facilities management contracts provide top quality products and services at competitive prices. We contract with vendors that are leaders in their industries. Prime's staff develops and maintains programs to suit the needs of all members. Many facility contracts include multiple options, ensuring flexibility to meet the needs of all our members.

Procurement Solutions  (click to learn more)

Our Procure-to-Pay Solutions helps our members focus on strategic supply chain activities while improving the performance of their procurement operations.

Alternate Care

Prime's relationship with Vizient gives members access to the number one program in the country for alternate care providers. We are recognized for our ability to serve our members in all health care settings. PRIME has cost-cutting agreements to help our members better serve their customers whether they are in a clinic, outpatient surgery center, home health care, or skilled care setting.

Call Prime for more information and assistance at 800.899.2199.

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