Strategic Sourcing Solution

Prime can assist its members in reducing supply costs with a market-leading portfolio from MedAssets. They maximize purchasing efficiency by offering a complete contract portfolio of quality, cost-effective products and services from the nation’s leading manufacturers and distributors. MedAssets Strategic Sourcing solutions reduce total supply expense through comprehensive strategies for purchasing across all product categories.

  • National GPO Portfolio delivers savings by leveraging volume to negotiate best pricing on national contracts for categories in medical/surgical, cardiology/cath lab, radiology, laboratory, food and nutrition, pharmacy and non-medical supplies.
  • Pre-Commitment Program aligns business and clinical objectives to deliver high-quality supplies at lowest cost to providers based on a committed live negotiation process.
  • Purchasing Events drives savings on capital purchases through three unique sourcing strategies:
    • A quarterly Group Buy Program identifies up front suppliers to allow you to plan capital purchase by equipment and supplier.
    • The Live Group Buy Program implements live competitive bid process based on customers’ requirement s and overall value combined with their committed volume to award a single supplier for a specific capital product by the end of a live event.
    • Bulk Buys aggregate a large quantity of similar medical device items into a single sourcing event. We negotiate special, one-time discounts and other enhancements beneficial to our customers.
  • Construction Solutions provides a set of tools and expertise to gain greater fiscal control of the building process, from contracting, subcontracting, interior design and equipment planning. An integrated project management process and leveraging MedAssets national buying power, we deliver a high-compliance, high-ROI program managed and monitored through the MedAssets Construction Portal.
  • Item Master Services operating out of MedAssets National Procurement Center, confirms that your item master contains the most relevant products with consistent descriptions at the correct prices.
  • eProcurement powered by Prodigo Solutions is a Web –based solution utilizing shopping cart functionality, making it easy for purchasing departments to simultaneously shop for multiple contracted items from multiple suppliers and create a single requisition.
  • eProcurement ProdigoBuyer is a Ideal for facilities without electronic requisitioning. eProcurement ProdigoBuyer is a Web-based requisition solution that automates, streamlines and expedites requisition creation, submission and approval processes.
  • eCommerce Exchange is a platform which electronically connects users to suppliers to enable quick and simple exchange for a variety of supply chain-related documents: purchase orders (POs), PO acknowledgements, advanced shipment notices, invoices and product/price catalogs.
  • Transaction Management is a MedAssets team that works as an extension of your purchasing department by performing electronic order processing via electronic data interchange (EDI), eFax, e-mail, Web integration or by phone.
  • Automated Payment Exchange, powered by Hap-X provides a universal payment exchange platform that delivers transparent payments between suppliers and providers. Automated Payment Exchange provides a direct bank-to-bank exchange that facilitates transactions between more than 100 healthcare providers and major suppliers.
  • Physician Preference Items Consulting Services are consultative services to deliver significant savings on physician-driven expenditures through a proven methodology of data analysis, physician engagement strategy, consensus building, utilization processes and strategy implementation.
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